Numerous companies trust in the hoecker Structures concepts and have benefit from our extensive experience.

Browse through our reference projects in order to get an insight into the extensive possibilities of use offered by hoecker Structures.

The uses of hoecker Structures range from industrial warehouses to ground redevelopment projects - and we would have more space for your ideas!

Halle für Papier - Recycling

Lagerraum für Textilien

Industrielle Lagerung von Verpackungsmaterialien

Lagerhalle für elektronische Geräte Auslieferungslager

Industrielle Lagerhalle für verpackte Stahlteile

Speditions - Umschlaglager

Speditions - Lagerhalle

Kunststoff - Recycling - Halle



Lagerung von Autoteilen

Verkaufshalle Saisonartikel


Sonderhalle als Luftschiff-Garage


Höcker structures provide
space for your ideas
in form of flexible and
dynamic relocatable industrial structures!