Your advantages

Do you have innovative ideas but need room to realise them?
Simply benefit from the numerous advantages our products have to offer:

Reasonable prices and efficiency

Test us! In comparison to conventional buildings, a lot of money can be saved when using Höcker structures as they are considerably more cost effective on a total cost basis and also offer numerous tax advantages.

Covered space is available for use very quickly.

Thanks to the unique design of Höcker structures, covered space can be created very quickly, exactly when it is needed.

Rent/lease or purchase

You may rent/lease orpurchase our structures. We can offer you the best solution for each specific requirement.

Optimum and individual tailoring to your requirements

What are your requirements? Industrial warehouses, showrooms, sales stores, multipurpose facilities or sports facilities?
Describe your requirements to us and we will provide you with the Höcker solution. We can provide the appropriate structure with the required fittings for any purpose.

Simply rent/lease and stay flexible

Do you need covered space for a certain period of time only? Maintain your flexibility with our rent/lease option and simply determine the rent/lease period yourself.

Quick and uncomplicated

As a result of their special design and construction, Höcker structures can be erected and dismantled quickly and without any complications at favourable prices and conditions.

Great tax advantage thanks to shorter period of depreciation.

You can save taxes legally with Höcker structures! Thanks to the shorter statutory period of depreciation in comparison to conventional buildings, you can save taxes as the tax benefits are distributed over a shorter period of time.

Direct tax reduction when renting

When renting a Höcker structure, you can claim the rates as a business expense each month thus eliminating periods of depreciation over many years completely.

Short erecting and dismantling times

Thanks to the very short erecting and dismantling times, we can create room for you quickly. Höcker structures offer optimum mobility at all times, i.e. Höcker structures can be dismantled and erected at a different location in next to no time.

Flexibility (you determine width,height and length!)

In view of their special design, our structures are very flexible in width, length and eaves height. Simply state your requirements and we will show you our possibilities.

No expensive and complicated concrete foundations are necessary

Höcker structures do not require any complicated and expensive concrete foundations. Thus you save costs and stay flexible and mobile with your Höcker structure.

Suitable for all demands!

Numerous international customers trust in Hoecker structures and their possibilities of use, i.e. as industrial warehouses, showrooms sales stores, special facilities, sport facilities and much more. We offer the optimum solution for each individual requirement.

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We create covered space where you need it

With Hoecker structures, you can create room exactly where you need it. Höcker structures can be erected in the direct vicinity of your existing facilities unlike externally leased space. This saves long and time-consuming transportation between separate locations with additional staff and therefore, a great deal of money.

Benefit from the advantages of Hoecker structure systems!
Simply contact us and we will be pleased to advise you!

Höcker structures provide
space for your ideas
in form of flexible and
dynamic relocatable industrial structures!