Frequently asked questions

Why should I use the genuine Höcker Thermoroof instead of a sheet metal roof?

The maintenance-free life span of the Höcker Thermoroof System is considerably longer than of sheet metal roofs. Due to the insulation factor, it prevents condensation and provides you with an insulated roof to reduce energy costs. It is designed to withstand snowloads where applicable, transmits natural light to the inside over the whole surface area and creates a very light atmosphere throughout. During daytime, additional light is only required under very special conditions.

What is the life span of the genuine Höcker Thermoroof System?

The life span of the Höcker Thermoroof System depends on the number of times it is erected and dismantled. Experience has shown that those ones permanently erected have a life span of more than 15 years. No roof maintenance is required in the meantime. Höcker Thermoroofs have now been in use for 24 years and they will certainly remain in use for the above period and longer.

When do I need building permission?

Building permission is also required for temporary buildings that remain assembled beyond the time limit stipulated in the relevant regional building codes. We therefore suggest to contact the local building department for further information.



What kind of ground condition is required for a Höcker structure?

Our structures are basically suitable for all types of load-bearing ground. However, we recommend that the site be selected and modified keeping in mind the use of the structure. In any event, the local situation concerning the drainage system should be considered.

Can Höcker structures be fitted with doors and windows etc?

The various side wall systems of corrugated steel sheets, steel sandwich panels and single layer fabric side walls allow doors and windows of many suitable sizes to be installed almost everywhere in the walls of the structure. Upon request, we would be pleased to include the required mounting frames in our offer.

Does Höcker also have used structures?

Of course, we occasionally have used structures that we sell on behalf of our customers. More information is available upon request.

Can Höcker structures be extended at a later date?

Our structures are basically designed to allow the addition of an extension in length, which is possible at any time. Such an extension normally complies with the previous frame spacing of the structure (usually 5,00 m), and may be used in as many steps as required. However, the frame spacing may also be altered if need be.

Höcker structures provide
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